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For an extensive list of products and Squadron's served see below.
USMC AH-1W HMLA-167 HMLA-169 HMLA-267 HMLA-269 HMLA-367 HMLA-369 HMLA-773 HMLA-775 HMT-303 AV-8 VMA-211 VMA-214 VMA-231 VMA-311 VMA-331 VMA-513 VMA-542 VMAT-203 CH-46 HMM-161 HMM-162 HMM-163 HMM-164 HMM-165 HMM-166 HMM-261 HMM-262 HMM-263 HMM-264 HMM-265 HMM-266 HMM-268 HMM-364 HMM-365 HMM-764 HMM-774 HMT-204 HMT-301 CH-53D HMH-362 HMH-363 HMH-366 HMH-462 HMH-463 HMT-301 CH-53E HMH-361 HMH-461 HMH-464 HMH-465 HMH-466 HMT-302 EA-6B VMAQ-1 VMAQ-2 VMAQ-3 VMAQ-4 F/A-18A VMFA-112 VMFA-115 VMFA-122 VMFA-134 VMFA-142 F/A-18C VMFA-212 VMFA-232 VMFA-235 VMFA-251 VMFA-312 VMFA-314 VMFA-333 VMFA-451 VMFAT-101 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-121 VMFA(AW)-224 VMFA(AW)-225 VMFA(AW)-242 VMFA(AW)-332 VMFA(AW)-533 VMFAT-101 F-5E/F VMFT-401 KC-130F VMGR-152 VMGR-234 VMGR-252 VMGR-352 VMGRT-253 KC-130T VMGR-252 VMGR-452 UH-1N HMLA-167 HMLA-169 HMLA-267 HMLA-269 HMLA-367 HMLA-369 HMLA-773 HMLA-775 Det A HMH-463 HMT-303 A-10 47th FS 70th FS 75th FS 118th FS 131st FS 176th FS 303rd FS 353rd FS 354th FS 355th FS 356th FS 357th FS 358th FS 509th TFS 511th TFS 706th FS AC-130U 4th SOS AC-130H 16th SOS
C-130E 1st SOS 8th SOS 67th SOS 2nd AS 16th AS 39th AS 40th AS 41st AS 42nd AS 50th AS 53rd AS 61st AS 62nd AS C-130H 39th AS 40th AS 42nd AS 50th AS C-17A 7th AS 14th AS 15th AS 17th AS 58th AS C-141B 4th AS 6th AS 7th AS 8th AS 13th AS 16th AS 41st AS 57th AS C-5A 3rd AS 9th AS 21st AS 22nd AS 56th AS 75th AS F-15C/D 12th FS 22nd FS 23rd FS 27th FS 32nd FS 43rd FS 44th FS 53rd FS 54th FS 58th FS 59th FS 60th FS 67th FS 71st FS 90th FS 94th FS 389th FS 390th FS 909th ARS 961st ACS 962nd ACS F-15E 43rd FS 54th FS 90th FS 333rd FS 334th FS 335th FS 336th FS 391st FS 344th ARS 911th ARS 962nd ACS
F-16A/B 21st FS 61st FS 62nd FS 63rd FS 72nd TFTS 178th FS 184th FS 186th FS F-16C/D 1st FS 2nd FS 4th FS 13th FS 14th FS 18th FS 22nd FS 23rd FS 34th FS 35th FS 36th FS 68th FS 69th FS 77th FS 78th FS 80th FS 81st FS 93rd FS 95th FS 302nd FS 389th FS 308th FS 309th FS 310th FS 311th FS 312th FS 421st FS 428th FS 457th FS 466th FS 10th TFS 313th TFS 496th TFS 512th TFS 526th TFS 612th TFS 613th TFS 614th TFS
KC-135R 6th ARS 22nd ARS 54th ARS 55th ARS 91st ARS 92nd ARS 93rd ARS 96th ARS 97th ARS 99th ARS 344th ARS 349th ARS 905th ARS 906th ARS 909th ARS MC-130E 7th SOS 8th SOS 711th SOS MC-130H 1st SOS 7th SOS 550th SOS
MC-130P 5th SOS 67th SOS 550th SOS RC-135U 38th RS RC-135S 45th RS RC-135V/W 82ndRS 95th RS T-37B 8th FTS 37th FTS 41st FTS 43rd FTS 84th FTS 88th FTS 89th FTS 96th FTS 97th FTS 100th FTS 559th FTS T-38A 25th FTS 43rd FTS 49th FTS 50th FTS 87th FTS 88th FTS 90th FTS 96th FTS 97th FTS 100th FTS 435th FTS 560th FTS 394th CTS 99th RS CH-46 HC-3 HC-5 HC-6 HC-8 HC-11 EA-6B VAQ- 128 VAQ-129 VAQ-130 VAQ-131 VAQ-132 VAQ-133 VAQ-134 VAQ-135 VAQ-136 VAQ-137 VAQ-138 VAQ-139 VAQ-140 VAQ-141 VAQ-209 E-2C VAW-77 VAW-78 VAW-112 VAW-113 VAW-115 VAW-116 VAW-117 VAW-120 VAW-121 VAW-122 VAW-123 VAW-124 VAW-125 VAW-126 F-14A VF-2 VF-14 VF-32 VF-41 VF-101 VF-102 VF-103 VF-154 VF-201 VF-211 VF-213 F-14VF-101 VF-102 VF-103 VF-143 F-14DVF-11 VF-31 F/A-18C VFA-15 VFA-22 VFA-25 VFA-27 VFA-37 VFA-81 VFA-82 VFA-83 VFA-86 VFA-87 VFA-94 VFA-97 VFA-105 VFA-106 VFA-113 VFA-115 VFA-122 VFA-125 VFA-131 VFA-132 VFA-136 VFA-137 VFA-146 VFA-147 VFA-151 VFA-192 VFA-195 VFA-203 VFA-204 VFC-12
F/A-18E VFA-122 P-3C VP-1 VP-4 VP-5 VP-8 VP-9 VP-10 VP-16 VP-26 VP-30 VP-40 VP-45 VP-46 VP-47 VP-62 VP-64 VP-65 VP-66 VP-69 VP-91 VP-92 VP-94 EP-3E VQ-1 S-3 VS- 21 VS-22 VS-24 VS-29 VS-30 VS-31 VS-32 VS-33 VS-35 VS-38 VS-41
SH-60B HSL-37 HSL-40 HSL-41 HSL-42 HSL-43 HSL-44 HSL-45 HSL-46 HSL-47 HSL-48 HSL 49 HSL-51
SH-60F HS-2 HS-3 HS-4 HS-6 HS-7 HS-8 HS-10 HS-11 HS-14 HS-15 HCS-4 HCS-5 T-2C VT-9 VT-86 T-44 VT-31 T-45 VT-21 VT-22 T-34C VT-2 VT-3 VT-4 VT-6 VT-10 VT-27 VT-28
TH-57 HT-8 HT-18

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